Thursday, January 6, 2011

Froggie Baby Legs

Okay that’s not a real baby.  My first progeny is due in a couple months, so I decided to finally get started on some of his personalized fashionable knitwear.  I really can’t stand the generic pastel colored baby clothes and accessories available in stores.  Just because I’m having a boy doesn’t mean everything needs to be powder blue.  Unfortunately it’s not easy to find a more saturated palette without paying ridiculous prices at the ultra-swanky baby boutiques.  So I decided to make a few things myself.  Give the guy a splash of color.

These are crazy easy, and would be a good use for stash yarn cuz they took very little to make – less than half a skein total.  Quick too; these took just a few hours to knit up in front of the TV.

I had to guess on the size.  I don’t have a baby yet to be my model, but these look about right to me.  And if they don’t fit, it’s not like I put a lot of time (or yarn) into them.

Baby Legs

2 (partial) skeins worsted weight yarn (I used Kelly green Peruvian highland wool for color A, and a Blueish-teal superwash merino wool for color B.)
US size 7 circular needles

m1 = make one stitch, an increase technique

CO 28 in color A and join in the round, careful not to twist work.
K2 p2 for 8 rows

Switch to color B, carrying color A up the inside of the work.
K3, m1 until your stitches count 36
Knit 2 more rows in color B, then switch to color A

Knit 2 rows color A, 3 rows color B, 2 rows color A, 3 rows color B etc., until piece measures about 7 inches.  End with color B.

Switch back to color A, knit one row.
K2 p2 for 7 rows in color A.

BO in pattern.
Make 2.

Those look pretty cozy, even on a fake baby.


  1. I'm sure bebeh's lil gams will look plump and delicious in there.

  2. PS- captcha? Well aren't we a big deal...

  3. I've got captcha? I did not realize. Oh well, it roots out the ruffians.

  4. These are too cute! Thanks for sharing. Gonna try an get started on some of these for my cousin.

  5. Hi, I was just wondering what length of circular needles you used for this. Is it possible to use double pointed needles instead? I'm sorry if the answers to these questions should be obvious, but I am a pretty new knitter and really want to make these.

  6. Hi Ellen, The size is not too important - I think I used 10 inch or so. Double pointed needles should work just fine. You might try using three needles instead of two, just to make sure you can make the round since it's a bit skinny. Good luck! Let me know if you run into trouble.

  7. I just learned to knook and wondered how this might adapt to that. Looks like perfect project for that and can't wait to try it out. 15 month old grandson will enjoy them if it works!!!